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Mired in financial and legal trouble, Talos Partners CEO, Robert V. Brazell tops our list


Business Disparagement Lawsuit MOVED TO FEDERAL COURT Against ROBERT V. BRAZELL, Von H. WhitbY AND RICHARD Pack for Damages of At Least $100,000.00

Business Disparagement Law Suit

The 202 Petiton filed in Texas to investigate Von H. Whitby’s, Richard Pack’s, and Rob Brazell’s conduct in connection with certain matters that were posted on the web was amended on Friday, September 20, 2013 alleging damages for Business Disparagement on the part of Von H. Whitby, Richard Pack, and Robert V. Brazell.


The plaintiff alleges Von H. Whitby, Richard Pack and Rob Brazell published false information and disparaging content that affect the plaintiff’s economic interests, published with malice and without privilege.  Plaintiff is seeking damages of more than $100,000 and less than $500,000.



MAY 6, 2014 Update

Jury Trial Set

A jury trial has been set in the business disparagement lawsuit naming Robert Brazell, Von H. Whitby, and Richard Pack for Monday, November 10, 2014 in the 429th District Court in Collin County, Texas.


Rob Brazell Fails to Provide Discovery

Once again, Robert V. Brazell has not responded to discovery requests. A motion to compel is before the court in the business disparagement lawsuit filed in Texas, which also names Von H. Whitby and Richard Pack.


In a separate Breach of Contract lawsuit before a different judge in Texas, Rob Brazell failed to provide discovery and appear for court ordered depositions ultimately resulting in a capias warrant for his arrest.



NOVEMBER 17, 2014 Update

Disparagement Case Moved to Federal Court. Robert V. Brazell, Richard Pack, and Von Whitby Set to Be Deposed In Texas

The jury trial for Robert V. Brazell, Richard Pack, and Von Whitby has been moved to Federal Court and rescheduled for early 2015.


In preparation for trial, depositions were noticed for Richard Pack on Monday, December 8, Von H. Whitby on Wednesday, December 10, and Robert Brazell on Friday, December 12, 2014 in Dallas, Texas.



DECEMBER 07, 2014 Update

Richard Pack Claims Memory Loss and Dysthymia Just Days Before Being Deposed on December 8, 2014. Letter writing Physician is on Co-Defendant Brazell's Personalized Medicine Board

According to papers filed by Robert V. Brazell, Von H. Whitby, and Richard Pack's attorney Mr. Todd Harlow in the Business Defamation lawsuit, Richard Pack "a 74-year old man, lacks sufficient mental capacity to give sworn testimony in this case." And, that "His physical condition also prevents him from traveling unaccompanied to Texas." According to Mr. Harlow, Defendant Richard Pack "…is under a physician's care and lacks the mental faculties required to give testimony under penalty of perjury."


The doctor notes that the dysthymia (a chronic type of depression in which a person's moods are regularly low) is exacerbated by seasonal fluctuation—Richard Pack allegedly resides in La Jolla, California, where temperature fluctuation is only 12 degrees all year according to And, California is rated as one of the top 10 "least depressed and happiest states in America."  The motion also states that "Mr. Pack's physical condition also precludes him from traveling from his home in California to be deposed in Texas." Unless Dr. Andy Peiffer traveled to California for the physical, it would seem Richard Pack was recently capable of traveling to Utah. WCEOs does not have details on the location of where the physical may have taken place.


Interestingly, the letter writing physician Dr. Andy Peiffer, the Medical Director of The Men's Health Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, also serves or served on co-defendant Robert Brazell's Board of Advisors for Personalized Medicine, LLC., with Robert Kasten (who served on the Board of Directors), one of the Defendants in the Utah Fraud Lawsuit. Von H. Whitby, yet another co-defendant serves on the Board of Directors of IBN Media LLC with Robert Brazell and Robert Kasten.


See the exhibits from the US Courts website below.

Page 2 of Filed Motion

Richard Pack "...lacks sufficient mental capacity to give sworn testimony..." And, "His physical condition also prevents him from traveling unaccompanied to Texas."

Letter Writing Physician on Brazell's Board

Dr. Andy Peiffer is on the Board of Directors of  Co-Defendant Robert Brazell in the same case, and Robert Kasten, in the Utah Fraud Lawsuit.

Physician's Letter

Letter from Dr. Andy Peiffer about Richard Pack's memory loss and dysthymia. Noted as Exhibit A in the motion.

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Robert V. Brazell tops our list of small business CEOs that fails time and again to provide returns, while living high off investor's money. Now mired in legal and financial trouble, the truth about Rob Brazell is finally reaching the market where potential investors can make better and more informed decisions before putting their money at risk.